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The Original Car GuySteve Ford – THE CAR GUY holds one of the strongest combinations of hands-on automotive technical expertise and journalism backgrounds in the mass media. His blend of building on a career based upon mainstream auto service career work and subsequent experience as an automotive technician-instructor has established a solid foundation for his an award-winning newspaper, magazine and television/radio broadcast journalism, as well as serving as a national-level professional speaker to convention, industry and consumer audiences — all giving him keen insights into the auto industry and the needs of contemporary motorists and enthusiasts.

ASE Certified Automotive Technician

After initially working through college as a professional auto technician, he began work as an auto consumer expert providing professional car-purchase advice and used-car inspections/appraisals while also writing newspaper car-care articles for the college newspaper and delivering news and consumer tips on radio station KCSN (CSUN radio). Following college, Ford began professional broadcasting in Los Angeles at the 50,000-watt radio station KHJ reporting daily automotive consumer features to metro L.A. and Southern California motorists with The Car Guy daily tips in short-form :60-second consumer news and features. In continued broadcast and print reporting about new cars, car care, service and industry news, as well as enthusiast/consumer topics, Ford became a weekly hour-long radio show host at NewsTalk KTMS Radio Santa Barbara and contributed regular weekly TV automotive consumer feature segments on KEYT-TV Santa Barbara. While attending graduate school in Michigan, he delivered daily and weekly automotive segments on CBS radio and WPON in Detroit, as well as The Car Guy TV segments on FOX 2 News WJBK-TV and business news segments on The Nightly Automotive Report (PBS Detroit).

His regular column and freelance contributions in newspapers/magazines have included The Santa Barbara News-Press, The Detroit News, Copley Los Angeles Newspapers Group, MOTOR magazine, MaxSpeed, Ward’s Dealer Business, Green Car Journal and Autoweek. In national TV broadcasts, Ford has served as co-host and the ASE Certified Master Automotive Technician on the consumer car-care enthusiast and education TV program “Talk2DIY Automotive” from the Scripps/HGTV/DIY TV Network, as well as nationwide coverage for consumer car-care tips on CBS/The Early Show. He is a six-time recipient of the Automotive Media Conference Gold Medallion and six-time Silver Medallion winner, as well as a recipient of a Detroit Press Foundation “International Wheel Award” for broadcast TV news reporting.


In addition to ongoing work in the media, Ford supplemented his automotive technical work as an college automotive educator at the community college level and in concurrent work in education and became an adjunct automotive instructor, as well as Regional Occupational Program (R.O.P.) instructor. After completing his graduate school research thesis on General Motors training programs, he was hired as a G.M.-Certified Interactive Distance Learning (I.D.L) technician-trainer for G.M. technicians via the corporation’s nationwide satellite TV network. In later contributions to help promote automotive careers on behalf of the automotive industry, he became a professional industry youth-career outreach speaker and internship administrator and industry outreach representative to high schools. The combined experiences and education from serving as a youth and adult technical educator and internship administrator enabled Ford to later serve as a community-college administrator for the skilled-trade apprenticeship programs, including automotive fleet and heavy-duty truck/bus diesel technicians, CNC machinists, precision fabricators, plumbers and pipefitters, welders, electricians, and supervised a team of 45 skilled-trade community college journeymen-level technical instructors.

Ford holds current ASE-certification as an Automotive Technician/Trainer and is a graduate of Michigan State University with a  Master of Arts degree in Instructional Design & Distance Learning, and earned his Bachelor of Arts in Marketing Communications from California State University Northridge. He has been married for twenty-five years, has two children and is a fifth-generation Californian.

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