Dave McClelland – The Voice Of NHRA Part 4

As one of the most recognizable and respected individuals in the motorsports worlds, Dave McClelland has established one of the most unique careers in the speed-sport world: “The Voice of NHRA.”

Yet beyond being the “voice” of the National Hot Rod Association, Dave has risen up through his professional work in radio, television and motorsports announcing to also fit the title of “Ambassador of Drag Racing” and a celebrated member of the vanguard of the nation’s passion for unleashing horsepower and the conquest of the quarter mile with a low E.T.

From an inadvertent discovery of college courses in broadcasting while entering college as a football athlete to visiting the drags as an enthusiast, Dave had the perfect gifts for his model career. Between having a professional broadcaster’s voice and a drag racer’s passion, his recipe for horsepower at the microphone comes across in his more than 40 years on the journey.

In this segment of a CarGuy2CarGuy field trip, this video takes us inside the career discovery that Dave found in motorsports and broadcasting, along with a unique sampling of his highlight tour through the Wally Parks NHRA Motorsports Museum in Pomona, Calif. From the roots of hot rodding to some of the best celebrated moments in drag racing and car culture, this four-part series with Dave is both inspiring and educational. Click in to join and meet the “Ambassador of Drag Racing.”



Dave McClelland PART IV “Innovators, Trend Setters & Speed Pursuit” from Steve Ford on Vimeo.

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