When fellow car-buff Malcolm Arnold, left, and I had been in high school a few years earlier, swapping a motor on a Saturday was just for fun … the “hobby” of it. Yet by the time we were both in college, this scene depicts two guys who don’t have as much free time. It was Sunday afternoon and we were going to have to have the fresh motor in that very night for me to use the car the next morning back on the road.

Fortunately, I had purchased a second 240 Z motor a few weeks earlier at a junkyard and rebuilt it on an engine stand in the garage — so the “complete” fresh engine was waiting to get installed. Still, the pressure was on and the neighbors, no doubt, didn’t want to see this kind of a scene last more than a day (if not a minute!). “Don’t let THOSE college kids rent a home in YOUR neighborhood!”

A p p a r e l
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