With 490 ft.lbs. on standby, stopping at this hamlet of a Santa Monica gas station just a few blocks from both Sunset Boulevard [to head into LA/Hollywood] and literally a few hundred feet from Pacific Coast Highway [to drive along the Southern California coast, or head for a oceanside / outdoor workout at the world’s one-and-only Muscle Beach], only the Viper can make the picture better.

This station IS the only station in LA where for years I have been able to still get high-octane fuel in a low-octane world. For racers and owners of earlier-year “Muscle Cars” this special Santa Monica destination is an oasis.

So, what’s it going to be? Take the Viper up to Sunset Boulevard and head into town, or swoop down to Pacific Coast Highway to open ‘er up a bit by with the ocean view?

Flip a coin and light the fire — it doesn’t get much better than a day like this!

A p p a r e l
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