Having to tell a story about cars in sixty-seconds at a time is a challenge enough by itself. Now add that fact that you must do it with a beginning, middle and an end — with room for an advertiser’s billboard, too, and you have a tight moment.

This is studio “A” at the ABC/KTMS 1250 NewsTalk radio operations where I recorded the first hundred of The Car Guy automotive consumer tips for daily “drive time” in the KTMS “drive time” programming. Prior to doing my live weekly radio show, the comfort of being able to pre-record segments always afforded that option to “re-record” the segment. Live radio, of course, means you have those thousands of listeners right there with you and expecting flawless delivery. So when KTMS News Director Peter Bie first offered me the “LIVE” show, which was going to be my first live show experience, I was reluctant to risk being at at that intimidating microphone.

Yet in retrospect, having moved forward with the live show back in 1995, it was one of the best career decisions that I have made. There is a natural enthusiasm generated by a live radio broadcast that makes both the listeners and the studio contain an upbeat and enjoyable “on-air” spirit. Perhaps that spirit is best credited to cars and car people in the case of our show — since the car culture brings its own special rewards — both from the hardware, the industry and also from the social aspect of “wheels.”

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