When you volunteer your time for an effort, the greatest reward is being able to
the positive outcome of your involvement along with others who invested in a
worthy cause. In the case of Muscle Beach Venice, California, this is the moment
that we made the official unveiling of the all-new “Muscle Beach Venice” logo.

This was a particularly enjoyable project, as it combined my interest in the success
of the famous beachfront outdoor exercise area with my experience in public
relations and advertising. Though my daytime professional work was in the
automotive world, as it worked out this was a benefit — the ad agency art director
whom I worked with agreed to create the logo you see above, only seconds after
its debut for the public and the media.

Also notable on this day was that we were announcing the fact that Muscle Beach
Venice was going to be completely refurbished. Today the all-new Muscle Beach
Venice outdoor weight training center is a favorite for fitness buffs and tourists
from around the world. And, of course, the image of this logo is today the “look”
on all brochures, hats, T-shirts and promotions for Muscle Beach Venice.

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