Next to a cars, another interest I enjoy is exercise and weight training, and having grown up on the beaches of Santa Monica and Venice, California, it was a natural that I would have a chance to work out with the friends I grew up with at world-famous Muscle Beach Venice. Here, joined by friend and bodybuilding “coach” George Eiferman (center), a Mr. Universe and Mr. America title-holder George Eiferman, my high-school pal and lifetime buddy Malcolm Arnold (right) and I enjoy a moment of fun with George.

It is no coincidence that the camaraderie at the gyms … and especially at Muscle Beach Venice, and the ORIGINAL Muscle Beach [three miles north of Muscle Beach Venice on the beach of Santa Monica] is much like that with cars. When people share a similar interest in improving what they’ve got, there are always the tips and the “pros” to look up to during the journey. George Eiferman provides that kind of role model example. With his legendary lifetime successes in his bodybuilding and Hollywood/”show biz” entertainment career, perhaps is greatest example for others is displayed in his modesty and wisdom that is not so common in people of his achievements and stature.

In addition to world-class bodybuilding titles, George was a celebrity performer with stars such as Debbie Reynolds and Mae West on the stage and screen. Certainly, his muscle-man reputation got him in the doors, but it has been this man’s magnetic personality and intelligence that really accelerated his career. For younger guys, George always represents the best qualities of character — as well as the best ways to hoist iron.

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