While “junior high school” years gave me great experiences and memories with off-road motorcycle riding and racing motocross, by the time I was in my first year of high school cars quickly moved to the “center stage.” A driver’s license was a ticket to a new aspect of culture and the freedom of heading off on a “solo” adventure. Being able to work on cars — and understand them — brought me and many of my fellow car buffs together to tinker with our cars and enjoy the hobby on weekends.

This scene was typical of a Saturday morning with the gang from high-school auto shop. You’d think the neighbors might be a little concerned about the convergence of cars; they were: it was their opportunity to get free “car advice” and assistance with any of their car problems, such as, “Hey, can one of you guys take a listen to this noise from my car?”

Early “PR” efforts at this time for my weekday work at a local “dyno tuning” shop were simply helping folks out in their efforts to understand and enjoy their own sets of “wheels.” When they went to deciding where to take their cars for service, arriving at our shop was simply a bonus.

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