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After a century of voice and film being recorded electronically, as we arrive at the second decade into the “21st Century” the World Wide Web has enabled us to bring instant access to multimedia on demand. The Car Guy® website and multimedia programming offer visitors a version of informative and insightful interviews with people and at places that car enthusiasts, motorists and explorers of car culture can welcome discovering.



With the ease and versatility of a hand-held video camera along to capture moments in varied journeys with site tour guide, Steve Ford – The Car Guy, along with other friends and colleagues in both video and audio, the topics and interviews that accompany the multimedia here make this more aptly “radio interviews” with a video camera along for the ride. While some segments here have been produced with a two-person crew, the freedom and flexibility of having a one-guy and one-camera ‘one-to-one’ conversation with guests adds an  authentic dimension of genuine conversations and camaraderie.


The “one-to-one” approach here is the theme for an original and rewarding manner of reaching people who are interesting to visit to learn their unique stories and insights to share with other car buffs and industry professionals — which brings us all together in the dramatic and dimensional “world of wheels”. In addition to instant electronic video and audio programming available here worldwide and 24 hours a day, this site also offers a true digital portal to merge sound, sites and stories to celebrate the people behind the ideas, adventures and achievements of celebrated machines and the adventures they provide.

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