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Four-Wheel, Front-Wheel, All-Wheel Drive – Making ‘Sense’ out of Making ‘Traction’ –

      If you understand why it’s better to have the inside lane when you race in a 440-yard dash, thenView full post »

Reading “Road Signs”: Fluid Leaks and Puddles

        Do you speak spots? Well, you should — your auto technician does. In fact, your technician speaks spotsView full post »

Tires of Tomorrow – Today – Understanding Hydroplaning –

If you have ever leaned back comfortably in a chair — only to feel that sudden sensation of falling suddenlyView full post »

More Hype or More Horsepower? – A Fundamental Explanation for Non-Technical / Everyday Motorists –

More Hype or More Horsepower? - A Fundamental Explanation for Non-Technical / Everyday Motorists -        One frequentView full post »

Car Safety History: Air Bags To ABS

         Let’s start with a trivia question: Do you know when seat belts were first introduced?         ThoughView full post »

Gasoline: Changes at the Pump – Remember Ethyl? –

        Like most people, you may want your car to just “get you there.” You want reliability with minimalView full post »

Auto Trunk Emergency Items

         Here’s a list of 30 items that I’ve compiled to help motorists give thought to what should beView full post »

California Car Culture: Petersen Automotive Museum

         For better or for worse, we tend to believe that the culture of “wheels” really arrived during theView full post »

Being A Professional Car Buff (Turning a Hobby Into a Career)

Being A Professional Car Buff (Turning a Hobby Into a Career)  On a cool January day at about sunset, with a spirit ofView full post »

Turbochargers: Spinning Under Control

Turbochargers: Spinning Under Control         Imagine running up five flights of stairs or just finishing one of thoseView full post »

Alternative Fuels: “Options for a New Century”

         One of the biggest ironies in the automotive industry today is that at the dawn of the 20th Century centuryView full post »

Environmentally Correct Cars: The Air You Breathe

         He was a 1950s visionary with an ominous prediction for the future of the automobile, but his view was crystalView full post »

Preserving Your Car’s Paint Finish

         As we are into a new century, it is easy to reflect on the advancements that have occurred since 1900 and howView full post »

Bath Time: Car Washing Tips

         Actor Steve McQueen always kept his cars immaculately clean. At least that’s the way he kept them whenView full post »

“Know Before You Go” Suggested Pre-Trip Checks


Smooth Road Ahead: Springs and Shocks

         Whether you are a veteran car buff or a person who rarely peeks under your car’s hood, it’s a goodView full post »

OBD II: What it Means to YOU

OBD II: What it Means to YOUPOINTS INTO PROCESSORS         When I was a teenager working on cars in my family’sView full post »

Stopping Power: Tips on Brakes

Stopping Power: Tips on Brakes         If you saw a deer step out in front of you on the road ahead, at 55 miles perView full post »

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