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The “incoming mixture” of your views, suggestions and feedback are a part of what makes a truly interactive connection here via the Internet.  From each of the interviews, networks and discussions we each can relate to a variety of aspects of the people, ideas and innovations of the automotive and transportation world.

From what’s on their minds to what’s on your mind, here is where postings of notable feedback and observations are included from the unfolding content in development.

Andy Granatelli: Automotive “Roll” Model

I would like to comment on the piece about Andy Granatelli, what a great man.  I had the extraordinary opportunity of working for him back in the 70s when he bought out “Tune Masters” from Jerry Dress.  I sat in many of meetings in an Italian restaurant named Little Joe’s in LA and at a pretty young age learned many valuable things from Mr. Granatelli that I continue to use in my life to this day.  The most important being how to always be fair and honest with people.  My hat is off to you, Mr. Granatelli.  You are a living legend and a roll model in my life!  -John T., Madera County, California

Hybrids and Electrics – 100 Years Later

Even as the earliest hybrid powertrains may have been introduced back a hundred years ago, your segment from the Nethercutt should remind viewers that a lot of the technologies that were being experimented with back in the early 1900s were only delayed by the dominance of gasoline power.  Here a hundred years later, we are really just picking up where we left off around 1915 when electric motors were still vying for a place in the vehicles of the time.  Now that fossil fuels are being questioned for right reasons, we’re only just catching up today with a race from a century ago.  Perhaps you can cover a clip on the early electrics, also a hundred years back! -Hank R. – Fremont, California

Ed “Isky” Iskenderian and A Generation of Horsepower

Now there is a hero of the hot rod world.  Ed “Isky” has a nickname that sounds like a cam guy and reminds me of a nasty V8 with the rumpity-rump idle of an engine that  breathes for horsepower simply doesn’t want to cooperate with an idle.  When to take people like Vic Edelbrock, Sr., or Wally Parks, you can see how they influenced generations of hot rodders with a love of horsepower.  Anyway, it was “Isky” who made the mystery of the camshaft come to life and lead all of us into today to appreciate being an “original” in craftsmanship and innovation.  Seeing his first cam grinding tool in that video was terrific.  Thanks for showing us inside the Camfather’s shop! -Charles M. – Las Vegas, Nevada

Andy Granatelli: Inspiration to Young Racers

The Andy Granatelli interview was interesting and also a great story of a hot rodder who turned his racing passion into a career.  Perhaps this is a clip that could be shown to the younger racers coming up the ranks to show them how the track can lead to other commercial ventures.  Just a thought.  Thanks for the “memories” of those best of flatheads and hop-up days, Andy! – Dave H., Austin, Texas

What About Green Technology?

It is good to see the way there is more focus on the “green” technologies in cars today, and your “Plug-In Hybrid Conversions” video was informative.  However, we needed to be doing what the automakers are just starting to do today ten or twenty years ago.  We’re way behind and really need to marshal the entire energy of the engineering talents out there to bring us forward to hit the efficiencies of the Europe and Japan where green has been leading.  Europe has full diesel integration and here in the U.S. we’re still shuffling about soot and sulfur that has long been addressed.  How about more content for ‘car guys’ on performance and green technology? -Duane T. – Denver, Colorado

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